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Professional Eye Care Services

EyeQ is dedicated to providing the best eye care services in all of Cape Town, but no matter what the issue with your vision, it always starts with an eye test. A qualified optometrist will only provide a prescription once he or she knows what the problem is. So before you walk in and decide to get yourself some reading glasses, come in and take an eye test.

Get an eye test now

Like with any practitioner (even if you think your eyesight is fine) it's good to get your eyes tested at least once every two years just to make sure there is nothing wrong. EyeQ provides comprehensive digital based eye examinations, more simply known as an "eye test". Kind of like when you got your driver's licence, only we provide far more advanced, 'state-of-the-art' eye testing equipment operated by an experienced optometrist, you can find out everything you need to know about your eye health.

At every EyeQ store in Cape Town, we offer a range of eye tests that cover a whole spectrum of eye health issues. Our professional examinations include the following eye health exams:

  • Glaucoma testing (second leading cause of blindness)
  • Colour vision testing (to see if you are colour blind)
  • Depth perception testing
  • Visual field screening

Vision consultation and assessments

Along with the standard eye test and eye health exams, EyeQ also offer consultations and assessments for a whole range of vision related issues from how to protect your eyes while working on your computer, to seeing whether your eyes are strong enough to drive at night. Below are a few of the consultations we offer:

  • Environmental/Computer Vision Consulting
  • Environmental/Computer Vision Assessment
  • Driving Vision Consulting
  • Driving Vision Assessment
  • Flight Medical - Vision Assessments
  • Vocational Vision Assessments
  • Low Vision Evaluations
  • Binocular Vision Assessments
  • Paediatric Vision Assessments

All of our eye evaluations and consultations are done by highly trained optometrists that have skill and experience in their field. If you would like to come in to one of our stores for an eye test, or would like to speak to an eye care professional, then feel free to call one of our optometry stores in Randburg, Pretoria or Cape Town, or e-mail us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..