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Our professional optometry team incorporates the highest caliber of optometrists, dispensing opticians, optical technicians and dispensing assistants in Cape Town and Pretoria (South Africa), all committed to on-going professional development within the field of optometry. Because the optometrists at our eye clinics are dedicated to their profession, our associates remain up to date, not only with local, but with international trends and eye wear technology.

The structure of EyeQ’s business models stems from a belief that commitment supersedes involvement, allowing those optometry professionals working within the practice to take up active participation in our partnerships with the end result of total customer care and commitment.

Qualified Optometrists

Our qualified optometrists are dedicated to providing world class eye care services to South Africans of all ages, we like to offer a warm welcome to all our clientele and ensure that your visit is met with the type of professional assistance that you have come to expect from us.

The optometrists at EyeQ specialise in in providing the best ocular and vision related services to the public in and around Cape Town. We are trained to treat a wide range health concerns related to your vision as well as providing a detailed diagnoses on the spot. These services also include the fitting of prescription glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses as well as comprehensive eye tests and exams.

Eye Doctor Specialist

No matter what your visual concerns, we take pride in our ability to diagnose and treat any number of the most common eye disorders. Our optometry team has a little over 20 years' experience in the field and can offer sage advice in all aspects of optometry.

Feel free to come down to one of our optometrist eye clinics located in Cape Town, Randburg or Pretoria, and ask to speak to one of our professionals. Our passion for taking care of your eyes includes a commitment to providing stellar customer service on all levels, including simple tasks such as contact lens evaluations or driving vision consultations.

Our top EyeQ Optometrists include the following specialists:

Jéan-Pierre Esterhuizen

Veronica du Toit

Winston Davies

Oliver Davies

Francois Du Toit

Erwee Latsky

Chris de Jongh

Adél Colyn

Bernike Botha

Veryke Meyer