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On-site Spectacle Fitting at Menlyn

It has been with pride that we have been able to offer on-site spectacle fitting at all of our optometrist branches in Cape Town, but now we are once again proud to announce that we are offering the same service at our Menlyn Optometry branch in Pretoria East!

In an effort to offer the complete EyeQ experience across all of our branches, we are striving to bring all of our "over-the-counter" services to each and every store so that no matter where you go, you can be assured you will receive the service you have come to expect.

In this light, we have just recently completed the installation of our on-site spectacle fitting laboratory at our EyeQ store in the Menlyn Park Shopping Centre and with this new installation comes an on-site service that allows you as our customer to have your spectacle lenses manufactured on the spot while you wait. We have included stock ranges of our standard hard coated plastic prescription lenses as well as our unique toughened HIZAR range of antireflection coated lenses in both stand index as well as in special thin tough and light material lenses.

Get your lenses made while you wait

This now gives our new Menlyn branch the ability to produce most stock lens prescriptions at the counter whilst you wait. Once you have selected your new look spectacle frames, we can immediately start production on your glasses and provide you with the finished product an hour later!

We have also introduced a remote digital link to our preferred lens supplier which means we don’t have send your glasses frames away to an external laboratory for lens glazing. Instead we can take a 3D digital scan of your frames and send the information straight through to our lens manufacturers (in some cases this information goes all the way to Japan!) and from here they can then immediately start the manufacture of your lenses. During this process we take into account your chosen frame design, shape and parameters and optimise the optical performance of the lens once it arrives to be fitted.

What does this mean for you? It means that when you request a completed pair of spectacles, the margin for error is drastically reduced and the turnaround time is dramatically improved. So feel free to visit our new Pretoria store at the Menlyn Park Centre and ask at the counter for a spectacle fitting. Or call us on 0861 693 937 to find out more about any of the services we offer, we are always happy to help you with any of your eye care needs.