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"Office " Computer Spectacle Lens

Today's fast paced, high-tech computer world demands near vision clarity for all types of workplace objects positioned between 40cm and 3m*....And it calls for a sound optical solution that helps eliminate computer vision syndrome and its associated orthopedic problems. "Shamir Office" does just that because it is based on Shamir Optical Industry's sophisticated Eye-Point Technology.

Office Lens Users - benefit from a natural head and neck position, because the lens drastically reduces all signs of computer vision syndrome. As a result of Shamir Optical Industry's innovative Eye-Point technology, Office lens users enjoy the feel of natural and comfortable vision.

Progressive and Bifocal Lens Users - lift their heads 20° when they are working on a computer, because they must use the intermediate and lower lens areas. As a result, they, strain their neck and shoulder muscles.
Single Vision Lens Users - must lower their heads when they are working on a computer to an unnatural 45° tilt, creating neck, back and other orthopedic problems. Other single vision users find they often move very close to the screen (up to 40 cm.) in order to clearly see.

* Mid -range vision varies, depending upon customer prescription